Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


As one of the largest integrated equipment services companies in the United States focused on heavy construction and industrial equipment, H&E Equipment Services rents, sells and provides parts and service support for four core categories of specialized equipment: (1) hi-lift or aerial platform equipment; (2) cranes; (3) earthmoving equipment; and (4) material handling equipment. By providing equipment rental, sales and on-site parts, repair and maintenance functions under one roof, we are a one-stop provider for our customers' varied equipment needs. This full service approach provides us with multiple points of customer contact, enables us to maintain a high quality rental fleet, as well as an effective distribution channel for fleet disposal, and provides cross-selling opportunities among our new and used equipment sales, rental, parts sales and service operations.

We operate full-service locations throughout the Intermountain, Southwest, Gulf Coast, West Coast, Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Our work force includes distinct, focused sales forces for our new and used equipment sales and rental operations, highly-skilled service technicians, product specialists and regional managers. We focus our sales and rental activities on, and organize our personnel principally by, our four equipment categories. We believe this allows us to provide specialized equipment knowledge, improve the effectiveness of our rental and sales force and strengthen our customer relationships. In addition, we have branch managers at each location who are responsible for managing their assets and financial results. We believe this fosters accountability in our business, and strengthens our local and regional relationships.

Through our predecessor companies, we have been in the equipment services business for more than 50 years . H&E Equipment Services L.L.C. was formed in June 2002 through the combination of Head & Engquist Equipment, LLC (“Head & Engquist”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gulf Wide Industries, L.L.C. (“Gulf Wide”), and ICM Equipment Company L.L.C. (“ICM”). Head & Engquist, founded in 1961, and ICM, founded in 1971, were two leading regional, integrated equipment service companies operating in contiguous geographic markets. In the June 2002 transaction, Head & Engquist and ICM were merged with and into Gulf Wide, which was renamed H&E Equipment Services L.L.C. Prior to the combination, Head & Engquist operated 25 facilities in the Gulf Coast region, and ICM operated 16 facilities in the Intermountain region of the United States.

In connection with our initial public offering in February 2006, we converted H&E LLC into H&E Equipment Services, Inc.

Business Segments

We have five reportable segments because we derive our revenues from five principal business activities: (1) equipment rentals; (2) new equipment sales; (3) used equipment sales; (4) parts sales; and (5) repair and maintenance services. These segments are based upon how we allocate resources and assess performance. In addition, we also have non-segmented revenues and costs that relate to equipment support activities.

  • Equipment Rentals. Our rental operation primarily rents our four core types of construction and industrial equipment. We believe that we have an extremely well-maintained rental fleet with our own dedicated sales force, focused by equipment type. We actively manage the size, quality, age and composition of our rental fleet based on our analysis of key measures such as time utilization (equipment usage based on customer demand), rental rate trends and targets, and equipment demand which we closely monitor. We maintain fleet quality through regional quality control managers and our parts and services operations.
  • New Equipment Sales. Our new equipment sales operation sells new equipment in all four core product categories. We have a retail sales force focused by equipment type that is separate from our rental sales force. Manufacturer purchase terms and pricing are managed by our product specialists.
  • Used Equipment Sales. Our used equipment sales are generated primarily from sales of used equipment from our rental fleet, as well as from sales of inventoried equipment that we acquire through trade-ins from our equipment customers and through selective purchases of high quality used equipment. Used equipment is sold by our dedicated retail sales force. Our used equipment sales are an effective way for us to manage the size and composition of our rental fleet and provide a profitable distribution channel for disposal of rental equipment.
  • Parts Sales. Our parts business sells new and used parts for the equipment we sell, and also provides parts to our own rental fleet. To a lesser degree, we also sell parts for equipment produced by manufacturers whose products we neither rent nor sell. In order to provide timely parts and service support to our customers as well as our own rental fleet, we maintain an extensive parts inventory.
  • Services. Our services operation provides maintenance and repair services for our customers’ equipment and to our own rental fleet at our facilities as well as at our customers’ locations. As the authorized distributor for numerous equipment manufacturers, we are able to provide service to that equipment that will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.